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Where the art and science of education meet.

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See the webinar by Dr. Patricia Mathes on Overcoming Dyslexia:
What Does it Take?

Hoot Education, Inc. increases teacher effectiveness.  


The Hoot Education Solution™ allows a teacher to participate in a personalized learning experience mentored by an expert coach and supported by a team of other teachers who work together as a professional learning community. 


Hoot Education replaces in-person coaching, ineffective one-size-fits-all workshops, and eliminates the large costs associated with travel and down time for these activities.

VIDEO: Named an "example of academic excellence"... 

Research indicates only three approaches promote real change in teacher practice, and our solution wraps all three approaches into the Hoot Education model:  

Job Embedded Ongoing Coaching


Ongoing Study Groups


Participation in Professional Learning Communities


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Built on a foundation of
gold standard research.

Developed by educators, for educators. 

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